Tekari Raj : Bhumihar Kingdom

Tekari Raj was a zamindari in South Bihar, the Tekari family belonging to the Bhumihar Brahmin. A Maharani of... Read More »

Bettiah Raj : Bhumiahr Kingdom

Bettiah Raj’s eighteen hundred square miles yielding a rental of almost 2 million rupees made it the second largest... Read More »

Banaras Maharaj History

1835 – 1889 H.H. Maharajadhiraja Sri Sir Ishwari Prasad Narayan Singh Sahib Bahadur, Maharaja of Benares, GCSI (1.1.1877, CSI... Read More »


Nobody’s Seen The Gourmet Maharaja Eating! In the Holy City of Banaras, MARK MANUEL met MAHARAJA ANANT NARAIN SINGH…... Read More »

Rags to Riches : Mr. SAMPRADA SINGH

How a young Patna University graduate with a simple family background became the head of the major pharmaceutical company... Read More »

Sheel Bhadra Yajee

Sheel Bhadra Yajee (1906-1996) the fiery freedom fighter from Bihar was associated with the non-violent and the violent form... Read More »

Jujhautiya Bhumihar Brahmin

The Jujhautiya Brahmin sometimes spelt as Jijhotia are an endogamous Brahmin community found the Chambal and Yamuna river valleys... Read More »

Kingdom of Kashi

The Kingdom of Kashi was an independent Bhumihar Brahmin state until 1194. It became a British territory in 1775,... Read More »

Basawon Singh (Sinha)

Basawon Singh (Sinha) has been among the greatest nationalists who joined the freedom struggle at the age of 13... Read More »

Yogendra Shukla

Yogendra Shukla (1896–1960) was an Indian nationalist born in Bihar in Bhumihar family . He served in the Cellular... Read More »

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