Dr. K. K. Sinha, Neurologist: Profile and Family

Dr. K. K. Sinha, Neurologist: Profile and Family

Dr. K K Sinha is one of the most respected neurologists of India. He is practicing in Ranchi, where patients from all over India came for treatment for variety of neuro related issues. He is quite popular and people from Bihar and Jharkhand consider him just like a God.

The full name of the doctor is Krishna Kant Sinha. However, he is known by Dr. K K Sinha. Even people have started to call a square in Ranchi near his home as Dr. K K Sinha Mod –Square.

Dr kk sinha

Profile of Dr. K K Sinha

Dr. Sinha was born in Bihar. He completed MBBS from Darbhanga Medical College in 1948. Later, he went to England for further studies from where he has done M.D. and F.R.C.P.

He joined Rajendra Institute of Medical Studies – RIMS, Ranchi in 1962. He was also practicing at home. In 1976, the Bihar Government had banned the private practice of Government doctors. Dr. Sinha resigned in protest as his salary from RIMS was quite meagre. Since then he is involved in private practice from Ranchi.

He is a Bhumihar by caste. However, he sternly says that he doesn’t believe in caste or religion. He has nothing to do with the race, caste or religion of his patients.

Appointment of Dr. K. K. Sinha

He is currently 86 years old. But, he continued to practice and sees patients for 12 hours daily. Dr. Sinha says that he doesn’t need to practice for making money at this stage. However, he can’t deny the urge to see and help people in need.

But, the problem is regarding getting his appointment. He is so popular that one can expect to get appointment only after 15 days of registration. Sometimes, the wait goes for more than one month. Since he sees all patients, it is tough for him to reduce the waiting time.

Dr. Sinha is also known for being a very different doctor. As you might know, it has become a common practice among neuro physicians to prescribe various tests – C T Scan/ MRI and lots of blood tests without any need. They made huge money out of these prescriptions as commission. However, Dr. Sinha avoids prescribing unnecessary tests. He is having his own diagnostic lab for C T Scan and MRI, yet he doesn’t try to make money out of patients misery.

Further, Dr. Sinha prescribes very little medicines. Majority of patients are required to take 2 – 3 medicines. The minimum possible medicine is his moto and he follows it religiously. Needless to say, his diagnosis is perfect and gives the best result. Because of these facts, people consider Dr. K K Sinha as a God.

Family of Dr. K K Sinha

Dr. Sinha is living in Ranchi – near Booty More – with his family. His grand daughter was recently in news for being an Assistant Director as a very young age. Her name is Vishakha Sinha.

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